Rudder Pedal Work

Time: 2 Hours

I primed and painted the rudder cable supports for the rear passenger pedal.  These supports tie the forward writer cables that go from the rudder pedals to the supports and the writer cables that go to the aft end of the fuselage. I also sized and cut the cable attach bars that go from the forward cables to the actual rudder pedal sides.  

   These get cut to length based on where you place the rudder pedals in the four choices you have. In my case I am one notch from the most forward location which meant I would need three holes left in the attach plates.  
 You may notice that on the right side rudderpedal the bolt is going from outboard to inboard. This is not normal to prevent you catching yourself on the edge of the bolt and nut. However I had to do it this way otherwise the bolt and nut would rub on the side panel. I used a shorter bolts through the support bar where the two cables come together as I’m not putting the rear seat rudder pedals in place at this time. If I was this boat would be longer as it would go through a rod end as well.  

 I’m always surprised how much time it takes for small tasks, but trying to work in those tight spaces with small cotter pins is tough. 

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