Rudder Stiffeners

Time: 4 Hours

I added a track on my wall to add some different hooks so that as items got finished I could hang them for storage.


20130512-202320.jpgOnce I got all my errands done I was able to get a little over 4 hours in the hangar. First up was to trim the stiffeners for the rudder. There are 16 stiffeners, 8 on each side of the rudder. Van’s sends 5 pieces of thin angle aluminum. Each piece has several stiffeners laid out by pre-punched holes. The plans have you draw lines between two holes which outlines the the individual stiffeners.

20130512-202740.jpgOnce a rough cut is made I then drew the lines to be cut on the bandsaw.


20130512-202921.jpgNext up was to take each stiffener to the scotch-brite wheel and shape them to the right shape.


20130512-203145.jpgThen I set half for the left side and half for the right side. Then they got cleco’d to the skin. Tomorrow I will get to match drilling and prepping(deburring, dimpling and priming) so that they can be riveted.





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