Smoke System Nozzles

Time: 2 Hours

I have had the smoke system installed for some time now and is located in the aft cargo area. All the wiring and plumbing was finished all the way to the firewall where it ended in a T fitting. From this T fitting the smoke oil splits into two lines that run to two of the exhaust pipes. Now was a good time to locate and install the spray nozzles and their associated lines to the T fitting. Just like the EGT probes you need to do some measuring and figure out the best spot for your given setup. Once I was happy with where I wanted to placed them I marked and drilled the required 3/8″ hole. Then it was just a matter of running the line and securing it from the T to the exhaust pipe. The spray nozzle is welded to a metal flange that gets secured with two clamps. As a back up the instructions have you safety wire the nozzle as well. I left plenty of slack to account for engine vibration. One more firewall forward task done. The tasks are slowly disappearing!

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