Time: 1 Hour

When I got home tonight I decided to get a little time in the hangar, they say you should do at least one thing even if small everyday, and decided to work on the tie-downs. First up was to tap the bottom hole to 3/8 – 16 threads. These holes will accept any tie-down either Van’s or a different brand. So I clamped the block in the vice and got out my tap kit.


20130923-205825.jpgI then cleaned out all the filings from the threads. Then I hit all the surfaces with a Scotch-Brite pad and cleaned with MEK. After drying I started the priming.

20130923-210008.jpgI will let these dry until tomorrow night and rivet the nut plates to the block and spacers. Van’s does it this way so that you can remove the tie-down bracket with just bolts and not having to drill out rivets.

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