VS Spar Work

Time: 4 Hours

I finished up dimpling the VS skin using the DRDT-2 which makes quick work of that process. Then I touched up the skin with some scotch-brite pads to remove any marks I made while dimpling. Next up was to prime the inside of the skins. You really don’t have to do this as the ribs are primed and have enough protection, but I figured a little extra protection can’t hurt and I like the color.

20130511-082736.jpgThen the work started on the rear spar. Riveting began on the spar, spar doubler and the hinge brackets. The lower portion of the spar required AN426 flush rivets since this is a mating surface for future attachment to the fuselage section.


20130511-083302.jpgNext up was to get the forward spar riveted to the ribs in prep to be inserted into the skin.



20130511-083410.jpgWhen I was done with the work in the hangar I decided to do a little rearranging in the house to make room for a little more permanent hanging space for my completed parts. I was worried that if I tried to store them in the hangar they would get damaged as space is limited. I have a nice wide hallway that has a large blank wall just calling for some cool aluminum!


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