Windscreen Fairing #6

Time: 4 Hours

I needed to add some filler between the lower forward sides of the fairing where my build ups meet the aluminum. I mixed up some resin and flox start and applied it to create a nice transition. I then added one layer of cloth that I had wetted out to add strength to this filler. Once I had the shape where I wanted it I added ply peel over the area and added resin to get it nice and smooth. 

After this cured up I removed the ply peel to reveal a nice smooth buildup that needed very little sanding. 

After the little bit of sanding and clean up I mixed up some resin and micro balloons along with black pigment to start the shaping process. My goal was to use a curved piece of aluminum that I found looked good and use it to shape the epoxy. My plan was to mix up everything and apply it to a good thickness and then scrape away the excess with the shaper I made. Then I would remove the top layer of orange electrical tape that had overlapping epoxy on it. 

One step complete and many more to go. I will let this cure overnight and sand it out tomorrow. Then I will apply another layer filling any voids and continuing to build it up to the final shape. Not sure if this is the best process but it seems to be working. 

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