Empanage Fairing Mod

Time: 4 Hours

Glenn had a great idea for his fairing to prevent it from scratching the paint when being removed as well as making it easier to remove. Here you can see the aft “wings” of the fairing descending below the level of the stabilizer. 

Since I made the fairing one piece I had the grab and flex up these wings so they cleared the stabilizer as your slid the fairing forward. Glenn had an idea to extend the aluminum inspection panel cover up and aft and cut off the part of the fairing in this area. So I grabbed some 0.025″ sheet and marked out the area using the original piece as a template. 

Using the fairing as a template unmarked out the areas that needed to be removed and the area of the fairing I wanted to cut off. 

After cutting the extra off I drilled two holes through the fairing and the underlying aluminum that will allow screws to go through into nutplates. 

Another cool idea Glenn had was to cut a 2″ hole in one side and glue a piece of clear plexiglass inside so that you have a window into this area so that inspecting the bolt on the flight controls will be very easy. 

Cool mod and makes taking the fairing off real easy. I forget how much work there is doing things like this but it sure is fun! 

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