Windscreen Fairing #7

Time: 6 Hours

When I came back to the shop the next day I found out that the epoxy I applied did not set up completely for some reason. Not sure what I did wrong but this was a problem! So I grabbed some 80 grit sandpaper and sanded it all off which was a pain as the epoxy just gummed up the paper. After that was all done a cleaned up my mess and redid I the layup. 

This time all went well and the epoxy set up perfect. I needed to find a sanding block that would work for the shape of the bottom of the windscreen. I went to a couple of stores to find something and ended up at a store called 5 below. There I found a foam log used for yoga and bought it for $4 and took it back to the shop. The shape was perfect and I cut a slice of the end and quartered it. With this new block I stuck some self adhesive sandpaper to it and started shaping the fairing. Man did this work perfect! 

I still had some spots to fill but the shape was almost perfect. Before I started filling the areas I decided to mark, drill and rivet some blind rivets through the fairing and the top skin. These are optional per the plans but I figured they couldn’t hurt. 

I mixed up some more epoxy and filled all the areas that needed touch up as well as covering the rivets. The next day insanded those spots down and cleaned up all the edges where it met the tape. So the big reveal! Peel the tape off and see how it looks! 

I had a few larger pin holes that I filled with some Super-Fill and will sand those down tomorrow. Then it will be pin hole filling time

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