Wingtip Hinge Stops

Time: 3 Hours

I got in the shop today after my weekend breakfast with Glenn for a couple hours. Today’s task was to make the wingtip hinge pin stops. These are made from a scrap plastic cutting board of all things. This is a pilot designed mod that has been used by many builders so I’m just copying their ideas. The idea is to cut the hinge pins so that they are a length that will slide into a chunk of the cutting board. Then that chunk can be screwed into the wingtip rib with a nutplate. Sounds weird but photos will help explain it. First up was to match drill the rib to the wingtip like I did on the right side. 

 Then I drilled for and riveted a not played 2 inches from the tooling hole. I’ve been shaped a piece of the cutting board two inches long into the shape of the rib.
 I clecko’ed the rib in place and reinstalled the wing tip on the wing as well as remove the aileron jigs so I could move them. 
 I removed the block and drilled tow #40 holes in the forward end of the block for the hinge pens to slide into. I marked the depth on the outside edge and return the block to the rib to mark the hinge pins to cut. After the pins were cut I return them to the wingtip and slid the block over each of the pin ends and screwed the block to the rib.

 What an awesome way to secure these hinge pins, I think they look great!

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