Flap Sensor

Time: 1 Hour

I did some organizing and shop cleanup yesterday and did a little work on the flap position sensor that I had worked on a while ago. My main goal was to clean up the bracket I made and to finalize the wire connections. I decided to use d-sub pins, male on the sensor side and female on the wire run side, to make the connections based on recommendations on the vansairforce.com forums. These are small and light and work well with the very small 26awg wire. To hold them together I used small shrink tube which worked well. I also ran the wire aft and down following the smoke system pressure line. 

I like how clean this looks and will be easy to cut the heat shrink off over the d-sub pins to do maintainance or remove. I also put a nutplate in place for the screw that holds the sensor bracket to the bulkhead rather than a screw and nut. That’s because I forgot that this area will be covered by the baggage floor pan and will make it inaccessible. 

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