Alternator Blast Tube

Time: 2 Hours

Not required by PlanePower but it doesn’t hurt to have cool air blowing on the cooling fins located on the aft portion of the alternator. I had drilled the hole on the right hand inlet baffle ramp a long time ago so I would have to drill through the painted product. Now I just needed to figure out how to get the tube situated to blow air on the right spot. What I decided on was to fabricate a bracket that would allow it to be riveted to the alternator aft cover and hold the tube in the right position. So I took some measurements and cut out a blank from .040 sheet aluminum and formed up the bracket. I drilled a 3/4″ hole for the tube and match drilled four holes for blind rivets. Once I had the shape and all the bends looked ok I cleaned it up and primed/painted it to match the baffles. Once it was dry I riveted it in place and installed the tube. I drilled two holes in the end of the tube that allows a small zip tie to be installed at the top and bottom of the tube and secure it to the bracket so it doesn’t come loose. I then installed the aft cover now with the bracket and measured for the opposite end and made the cut. There is a third zip tie securing the tube to the alternator as it comes forward and keeps it away from the exhaust pipe. I also drilled two small holes on the bottom at the lowest spot of the tube so that any moisture that were to get in the tube would drain out and not be directed at the alternator. It’s simple and secure, I think this will do a good job of cooling and was an easy project.

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