Bulkhead Riveting

Time: 4 Hours

Today I got to riveting the halves of the bulkheads together.

IMG_4721.JPGOn the forward most bulkhead there are 2 slots for the passenger shoulder harness. These slots have backing plates that give them strength. The bulkheads get dimpled and the plates get countersunk for flush rivets on the forward side.

IMG_4722.JPGI finished deburring the remaining bulkhead tops and they are ready from priming as well. Since I need to rivet the seatbelt backing plates I primed those tonight so I can work on them tomorrow.


IMG_4726.JPGI spent a little time finding the parts for the next section which will be the rear baggage door supports as well as the lower passenger seatbelt attach points. I should get a start in those tomorrow.


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