Classic Aero Seats

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I had ordered my Classic Aero seats, arm rests and stick boots a couple if months ago after a long thought out process of the style, color combo and layout. After my better half (Tricia) weighed in I decided on the Aviator I seat design in a two tone leather. The body of the seats would be a dark gray with an inset of red. The darker gray was a nice contrast to the lighter gray paint of my interior. The red will tie into my final P-51 paint scheme. I also ordered a set of arm rests for the passenger seat and a custom set of arm rests for the pilot seat since I made custom side panel/arm rests. I also ordered matching stick boots for both the front and back seats. The back seat boot/cover does a nice job of covering up the opening where the stick connects to the controls. In this cover they cut a hole for the vent and make a special bracket to hold the larger aluminum vent from Stein Air. I also had them cut an opening for the passengers seat heat on the opposite side of the vent. The last thing I had them make was a small pad that I will stick to the rear bulkhead for the passengers head. This will prevent the passenger from banging their head but is small enough to not be an eye sore. I’m very happy with how all these turned out and the quality of workmanship is outstanding. They are pricey but in my opinion they are worth every penny and Jeremiah was awesome to work with and answered all my questions. While I was ordering the seats I also ordered my Hooker Harnesses from them since they were able to match the colors to the leather. 

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