I haven’t had too much to post lately as I’m just in savings mode for the Hartzell propeller. I have just been keeping the battery charged intermittently and updating the database on the Dynon.

Today I received an email from my website host, SiteGround, that my site had a piece of malware code on it that showed up sometime this week. So shut down the site to prevent any damage and allow me to remove the code. Apparently a lot of emails were generated from my site, I’m not sure who or where they went, but it created a red flag to the host. Luckily it was a small code and looks like it came in from and outdated contact form plugin on my WordPress site. Thats all fixed now and a new firewall has been installed to help prevent this in the future. If any of my subscribers received an email from my site that was not due to a new blog post please delete and do not click on any links. My apologies for any issues it may have cost you!


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