Moved In!

Last weekend my buddy Glen and I woke up early to get a jump on traffic for moving the aircraft.  The plan was to grab my fuselage and take it to the shop, return and get his and do the same.  This would be followed by both set of wings.  I had bought some wheels from Harbor Freight and bolted them to my gear legs.  We figured we could place the tail wheel on the tailgate of my truck while we sat there.  Then we could tow the fuselage, very carefully and slowly, to the shop.   

 After getting the fuselages in we went back for the wings.  The wheels on the wing stands are way too small to try and tow with the truck so we decided to just walk them along the street and bike paths.  It is around a mile to the shop so not a big deal and it went very well. 

   We then situated the parts so they fit the best. 
 So there you have it! We are in and ready for the unpacking and orginization.  It will take me a little while to get everything in order and ready to start building but we are getting close.  Get ready for the blog to get busy again!  Thanks to Glens daughter, Shannon, for helping move the parts and taking the photos!

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