Project Update

Just a little blog/project update for today. It’s taken a little longer for my buddy Glen to get his new project items completed. It’s amazing how many items need to be checked off when starting a new business like inspections and permits. It’s been a lot of fun watching each step and helping any where I can. The other day he had his CNC machine delivered and placed into position.  

   Once that was in its final spot we had a good idea how the two fuselages will sit. I moved all my boxes and tools from the storage unit and placed them up in the shops loft area. The last item to move was the fuselage.  
 We don’t want our fuselages or wings in the shop until all big stuff is moved into position so we don’t accidentally damage them. So I moved mine into my garage for this week. Hopefully all items and inspections will get done this week and we can move them in. We are getting close and I’m ready! It’s been fun having the fuselage in the garage to just look at and get my mind back in the build mode!  


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