Project Update

Well it’s been almost 2 months since my last post so I thought I would write a brief project update. With my townhome sold T and I slipped into hotel living for a little over 2 weeks to bridge the time between my old place and the new home we bought. June 12th rolled around and we became the proud new owners of our home. Since moving in we have had many projects that every homeowner gets as they move in.  We have met most of our close neighbors and are loving all the new friends we have made. So on to the RV-8 and its status. T and I made it a priority that we would get the garage space up and running for the build as soon as possible. Before that happened my good buddy Glen let me know that he was moving forward with a very exciting entrepreneurial adventure. This new business he was going to start would require shop space and this space  would be close to both our homes, like 1/2 mile away. That new space will have enough room to run his shop and build two RV-8’s at the same time. So with the opportunity to finish my build along side of a award winning builder was something I couldn’t pass up. The only downside, for me, was that it would take Glen a little time to get all his ducks in a row before opening his shop. A very small price to pay for this awesome opportunity. So we decided to leave the project in storage and not risk moving it twice. It looks like the beginning of August will be s move in date. For now we are enjoying the new house and our annual trip to OshKosh for the EAA Airventure 2015.  

So far the weather has been beautiful and camping has been fun. Seeing all the incredible aircraft, including a lot of RV’s, rejuvenates the building bug! I will start updating more as soon as we have the shop up and running. For now I’m going to enjoy AirVenture!


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